Looking After Your Voice

Posted by Kim Thursfield

MEPA College - Looking After Your Voice

Keeping your body fit and healthy when you leave college is important and you may visit the gym and dance classes weekly to keep your stamina going, but what about your voice?

There are muscles there that need to be exercised too and if they are left for a long time, they will become weaker; just like any other muscle in your body!

  • Have weekly singing lessons, not only is this great for your voice but also for keeping on top of your repertoire and trying new rep
  • Siren every day! It sounds silly but it’s a great quick way to wake up your entire range
  • Breathe! It sounds silly but making sure you are continuing to deep breath from your belly is really helpful for keeping the voice not too breathy and also it’s great for your mental health! Try taking 10 minutes every day to just sit or lie down and focus on your breathing
  • Try not to drink too much Alcohol. You get a job abroad or on a cruise ship and the excitement begins but try not to let yourself get carried away
  • Drink water! Your voice takes 4 hours to hydrate from drinking, so if you have an audition, make sure you drink 4 hours before!
  • No throat sweets! These are awful for singers, try steaming instead

Make these things part of your routine just like cleaning your teeth. It should become habit not a chore.

About the Author

Kim Thursfield - MEPA College

Kim Thursfield

Kim trained at The Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts from the age of 12. She graduated in 2007 and went straight into the big wide world of performing.

Credits include playing principal roles in pantomimes, films, UK tours and singing abroad in luxury hotels with her own cabaret alongside Britain's Got Talent semi finalists Kieran & Sarah (2014) and playing the leading role of Sophie in Mamma Mia.

Kim is currently still working as a professional performer along with being a vocal coach, teaching youngsters and adults making their way into the Performing Arts industry.

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