MEPA College - Emily Goodenough

Emily Goodenough

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Callum Train

Callum Train

Acting and Musical Theatre
MEPA College - Jane Rebecca Marshall

Jane Rebecca Marshall

Harmony and Music Theory
MEPA College - Florivaldo Mossi

Florivaldo Mossi

Commercial Teacher
MEPA College - Crystal Hantig

Crystal Hantig

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Mike Fellows

Mike Fellows

Commercial and Jazz Technique
MEPA College - Katherine Strohmaier

Katherine Strohmaier

Singing and Vocal Coach
MEPA College - Eilish Harmon Beglan

Eilish Harmon Beglan

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Tom Self

Tom Self

Singing Repertoire Coach
MEPA College - Jaye Elster

Jaye Elster

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Myron Birch

Myron Birch

MEPA College - Gemma Scholes

Gemma Scholes

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Lauren Stroud

Lauren Stroud

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Danielle Everdell

Danielle Everdell

Commercial and Heel Technique
MEPA College - Gaz Davis

Gaz Davis

Jazz, Partnerwork and Commercial
MEPA College - Daniel Greenway

Daniel Greenway

Ballet and Contemporary Teacher
MEPA College - Megan Westpfel

Megan Westpfel

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan

Singing and Musical Theatre
MEPA College - Connor Tidman

Connor Tidman

Jazz and Commercial
MEPA College - Kelsie-Rae Marshall

Kelsie-Rae Marshall

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Joe Partridge

Joe Partridge

Industry Guest
MEPA College - Kim Thursfield

Kim Thursfield

Singing Coach
MEPA College - Chris Connor

Chris Connor

Jazz and Commercial
MEPA College - Jamie Carter

Jamie Carter

MEPA College - David Allwood

David Allwood

Dance and Theatre

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